The point dissipated, beautiful sightseeing in Bali

Self-sufficiency in the tour for 5 days with a friend, we had a very refreshing experience and true paradise on Bali island in Indonesia.

Tanah Lot: This is one of Bali’s tourism icon. Ancient temple was built on a huge rock lying on the sea, between the waves slapping. At low tide, you can walk on the rocks to the temple. This place is gorgeous photography. We visited Tanah Lot in the morning, not to be rewarded by not withdrawing tide, but could stand in rock photography.


Nusa Dua: This is like a separate area is planned including resorts, upscale restaurant. Nusa Dua beach more discreet. We chose to visit Pirates Bay, a small bay. There is an open air restaurant very good-Pirates Bay Restaurant.

You can choose to sit in the tree house, enjoy lunch and watch the sea, or simply lying nap. But tree houses have many chipmunk, dance around the living chaos. To sit here, you must dine at least 150,000 IDR (about 2.55 million) or more. The restaurant overlooking the bay, clear water, very shallow suitable for people not swim alone or families as young children. There are lots moss and algae are unique, way off from beach waves spread moss.

Uluwatu Temple: Uluwatu is one of the oldest temples in Bali, situated on the coastal cliffs. Uluwatu uplink cool and fresh, is one of the most beautiful sunset of Bali.

In the Temple campus has a lot of monkeys run up everywhere. Standing from above looking down, I could see white foam waves. Looked liked then hear the waves on the cliffs again made his heart pounding.

Visiting the temple, you must wrap the sarong if shorts. Sarong is free of charge at the entrance. You do want to see Kecak Dance Show (a traditional art show of Bali), buy tickets before visiting the temple. The show starts at 18h. From watching a dance show location, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.


Jimbaran: We dined at Jimbaran Bay. Also very expensive, so eat seafood, but after all, I found it worthy. Just enjoy fresh seafood, you just heard the sound of the waves slapping at night, smell the beach at night and enjoy some romantic love songs.

Ulun Danu Beratan: This is my temple should definitely visit. This temple, also known as water, by a lake located on the mouth of the volcano which is decommissioned. Since located high in the air extremely cool, fresh.

Photos water temple is also unique features of Bali. We canoeing around the lake promenade 1 in 20 minutes. You can tell him to drive canoes stopped a moment to take a photo. Although you will not see this majestic temples, majestic as Tanah Lot or Uluwatu, but for me, just the atmosphere of the mountains here were enough to convince tourists to visit this temple. On the way from the temple on, you can tell the driver to stop for a drink strawberry, cheap and very tasty.

Ubud Monkey Forest: This monkey forest is beautiful and green, had plenty of wild monkeys. You spoiled acquainted with photography but do not tease them so you can be offline no shock caps them there. This area is quite wide, including more temples and sacred springs.


Tegalalang rice terraces: I found love with terraces in Bali, because this place has terraces coconut trees interspersed. Standing in the road, you can take pictures terraces below. However, wanted to go further down, you have to pay for the local population. Here there are many small shops, you can sit and drink something scenic, overlooking the stunning terraces.


Ubud Art Market: There are many specialized stalls selling souvenirs. I felt the price was quite cheap compared to Kuta. Cho also should not kid alone take time to visit. We have tasted the chicken skewers here – Indo Food standards, very cheap price.

Legian: Legian is the most crowded busy street in Kuta. The two sides are countless shops, restaurants, bars. His suggestion is a restaurant with great live music – VIP Restaurant. You can also dine or drink coffee in this shop.

Kuta: Kuta Beach Bathroom is not, unless you know how to swim and swim to make, by the beach slope, quicksand, and big waves. We nearly being swept out to sea, which fortunately was still crawling. The sea here is just right for him surfing west only. But sit and watch the surfers as well as a pleasant experience.

Kuta Beach Walk: This shopping area is located on the road along the coast, is designed quite nice, with a lot of clothing, food …


Mal Bali Galeria: This area is for devotees of duty-free goods, you spoiled watching. With local products, you can bag out of the way, while the cosmetics category you select, view, pay here, we’ll give you a receipt to the airport when you get map .

In addition to the points above, there are many other points that you can visit. Eg Tirta Empul holy spring, little village in Ubud traditional, Ubud Palace, Batur volcano, Besakih Mother Temple, Taman Ayun Temple … discover another little secret beach in Nusa Dua and walked around some art exhibitions Art in Ubud again.

What’s playing in Bali?

In Bali there are many activities. Introduced most rafting tour, or shipwreck scuba diving, climbing tour Kintamani volcano. Also I’d also want to try massage in Bali, as seen in the sale of a lot of flavors shopping massage. On the streets of Kuta also exposes every massage. Sure massage is also part of Bali tourism.

Who played tired in Bali and could go out much like Gili Islands or Lombok around.

What to eat in Bali?


Bali food is quite similar Indian curry spicy and opinions, sauces should not sit well with me. We mainly Western dishes or pasta, bread. Note that eat seafood in Jimbaran expensive, but well worth the money. Also if you go out early, can look at Seminyak beach (restaurant La plancha), enjoy a sunset drink.

Some notes

At the airport quite cold, you should take a jacket or blanket, especially when flying night or to spend the night at the airport. Remember to attention to flight information board, because there are changes missed the boarding gate or plane is delayed. The sooner you check in one bit, do not look now too, because it is easy to run catch up.

Entry procedures are relatively easy, both in Kula Lumpur and Bali. You only need to scan passports, fingerprints, photography is finished. As to Bali, before you just fill out one form relating to customs. In Bali on you do not need to spend 200,000 IDR (339,000 dong) exit fee by the laws have changed.

Not booked airport services, even if you arrive late. At the door you will have immediately a taxi registration desk. You need to take place, they will quote. If set Airport services, prices will double by taxi.

You just change money at the airport. We bring dollars, arrived Indo IDR convert to cash, the exchange rate is a little difference. Otherwise, a little change to pay the taxi, also next outing could tell the driver to stop waiting for money.

Do not buy a sim at the airport, the price is very expensive. You go downtown to buy much cheaper.

In Bali, some supermarkets Circle K sprouting style abound. Not to worry hungry or lacks shopping list, because some supermarkets open 24/24 whole.

You should bring travel adapters, for charging their drive Continental breeds, another Vietnam.

You own the car rental to go out not carry water, on car availability. The driver told him you get to.

About souvenir in Bali, you have to buy dream catcher, key chain. What you can also buy sarong like anymore. Cakes and snacks with coffee, tea, tax-exempt belongings again for her, the mother, the sister.

Traffic on the road to the left Bali. I was not introduced to rent a motorbike to explore themselves, because I do not know. If you are a DIY adventurers are comfortable. The road is very beautiful, beautiful baby, went smoothly, never have potholes, only slightly more steep and the bends, as well as uplink infamous Mu Cang Chai, Ha Giang, but also congestion. If you still want new experiences, maybe we’d like Scooter lovely walk in the center, instead of the road, several cars.

You want to eat cheap, only local food, the restaurant also will be charged 10-20%. You find any word, it means it’s Wahrung eateries. Either alternative is to buy bread and pastries to take.

The best time to go to Bali is from May to June 10. We went in late May, the new tourist season should also not crowded, but wait 6-7 months then the children are on holiday abroad calendar is crowded with parents. His time away nice weather, average temperature 28 degrees Celsius, no rain, at the right season to rice which lane lush landscape.

In some areas such touristy Kuta, Seminyak, tourist workers also speak English, but in Ubud or other areas are rare. So just be prepared is to use body language. In this regard, I do not worry much, because people can still understand each other despite the language barrier.