Ta Nang green grass season, enchanting but dangerous

And what’s more fun when eating noodles, drinking coffee halfway between green hills. However, this season Ta Nang did not “beat” as its green color.

About 300 km from HCM City, Ta Nang – Phan Dung, offers trekking path known as the most beautiful Vietnam phượt enchanting green grass prime season. This is the most beautiful season of the year of Ta Nang, also latent risks of unintended by the effects of erratic rainfall and sunny weather. Nguyen Van Thiet team, who just returned from a journey “storms” 2 day overnight travel from Ta Ho Chi Minh City Nang said it had the unforgettable memories.

Day 1: HCMC – Ta Hine

23h15, from the bus station Thanh Buoi, District 10 moved to fork Ta Hine (near Lake Dai Ninh, Lam Dong). 4h40 next morning arrived. Anh Cuong, a driver who went to pick up the group began trekking point of Ta Nang, Lam Dong. On the way to Taiwan to visit markets (Taiwan, communal) breakfast and buy some supplies for the trip. 16 seats priced at 1,000,000.

7 hours, the group off the bus, began the journey to conquer. The first kilometers across the coffee farms, gardens and several ramps corn entering the green grassy hill. After several hours of walking, the green hills looming over the surprise to suffocation. Just a few hill will have streams, large and small. There, sometimes temporary bridge by a tree in the forest because people do, sometimes do not have to jump up the rocks or any fulcrum to overcome. And not everyone is lucky enough to succeed.


Gone nearly halfway the first day, you start not see anything other than a cool green of the grass. The party stopped for lunch on a picturesque hilltop. But obstacles still waiting ahead.

Around 17 pm, to set up camp on a hill point 800, it starts pouring down rain. Everybody wearing a raincoat, can use to cover what backpack, camera … and temporary shelter. Now everyone is quite thrilling blend repercussion happy because after a day of trekking. Just moments later, both groups get a cover for “unforgettable”.

19h, still incessant rain, he porter carrying tents and relief food was not contacted. So the 4 guys in the group decided to tape in the rain forest to search through the night porter, despite dense fog limited visibility only 1 – 1.5 m, the pain of cramps, weakness, bulging leg and undeniable is “scared of ghosts” when it was getting dark, but four to the chest near the tall grass, luxuriant vegetation. 4 still urged, steps to encourage each other to find food and water for the group. Otherwise, tomorrow the group will not be able to Phan Dung.


After all difficulties, and patiently wait on hill 900, the motor sound of porter appeared. Dedicated in motorcycle rear tires wrapped
Ta Nang has iron slugs, convenient external fuel tank, duct ejector almost broken. When the yellow lights that front, the party can not hide the joy, joy as rescued. Unfortunately, the next is then broken slug car, unable to move. After overcoming not, 4 brothers and 2 he had to porter carrying tents, food and drinking water on collecting point.

Day 2: Conquering and enjoy the other half of the Ta Nang

After the rain, the weather is clear. 7 pm, people started to prepare snacks then quickly packed up the tent and personal belongings to be ready for the remaining journey. Importantly burned the garbage collector can burn, mental rest. Absolutely not out of natural litter.


Remaining journey from point to cover up camp Phan Dung forest is full of green hills and forests are more green carpet on the hill. Happy moments when to be cool in the spring. Ramp although only 3 km, but to go through 2-3 hills, a small stream to 2. The party was at the end, then take taxi for $ 50,000 / flight, carrying 2 per person in the country to shop near Phan Dung CPC, Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan.

The site for 2 days and one night “pulmonary filter” includes: tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, clothes drying, high collar good grip shoes, raincoat, water, food and the “accomplices” have to play.