Singapore is the city of the world’s most luxurious


According to research by experts, Singapore remains the city with the highest living standards, despite the cost of operations has been adjusted here pretty much over the years.

This location is the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the research arm of The Economist (UK) ranking. Singapore respectively behind the city of Paris, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney and London.

EIU study includes 133 cities worldwide, compare prices from more than 160 products and services, including food, clothing and electricity, gas, water. This survey uses New York (No. 7) was used to calculate the standard mold expensive low level.

The city has the most to your life savings when traveling is Lusaka (capital of Zambia), Bangalore and Mumbai then India.

Singapore 10% more expensive than New York with basic food items daily.

Along with Seoul (Korea), Singapore is the world’s most expensive places for clothing items, with prices higher than New York 50%, while higher travel prices in New York to more than 3 times .

According to BBC, the information collected for this survey is to be used to calculate the cost of moving and living for expatriates and business people working abroad.

“For nearly 17 years in this survey, in 2015 really is the year full of spectacular movements,” Jon Copestake, a member of the study said.

EIU said low wages, subsidies some food items have contributed to the Indian city rated with the lowest cost in the survey.