Nail island – sea paradise

Located south of Phu Quoc, an island brings Nail romantic beauty with turquoise coastline of white sands and crystal under the shady coconut trees.

Our country has beaches stretching from the South to the North, so that when it comes to the beach in the blue “pearl”, many people often only think of Bali, the Maldives, or Saloem Koh Rong.

However when looking to Nail island, we were truly amazed at the beauty of this island. After years of “steamrolled” the coastal path, the beautiful islands, large and small in Vietnam, we can say that the island Nails are not inferior to other popular beach paradise.


Nail island located in the South, from Phu Quoc island district about 14 km. Journey to discover our starting Thoi port, of An Thoi town, Phu Quoc. Departing early from Duong Dong town, our province along the highway 46 to get to the port. From here, heading up the canoe to go to the island.

Cano started the engine, slowly into the ocean. Everyone becomes exciting and excited when the canoes rushed forward, tear the waves are rolling continuously. In parallel it is the screams amused when the driver deliberately for crab folding canoes, bypass boats anchored along the small island on the road.

After nearly 30 minutes of play the “rollercoaster” on canoes fiving Nail island with lush green coconut trees and turquoise beach out front. Everyone everyone “gasp” and is overwhelmed by the beauty of this island.

Sea water here has a clear blue color jade unlike watercolor of destinations usually through editing or narrated by other figurative reality. Drop yourself under the blue water of the sea and cool, all seemed tired evaporate, everyone’s body is relaxing … to “every centimeter”.


After bathing, we went for a walk to take photos and explore around the island. It would be a major shortcoming if you do not bring a fishing rod under. For boats along the northern part of the island, we started dropping the spoils and after nearly an hour as two fresh sea fish basket.

Eat and rest for a while, we boarded canoes waters off the island about 5 minutes by boat to snorkeling. Waters where there are large rocks with bizarre shapes. For canoe stopped, people jumped into the sea and began the journey to explore its oceans.


After a day full of fun at this point the way also is gradually released. We enlist both the crowd back to the beach to watch the sunset. We silently looked toward the horizon, all the chaos, worries vanish, leaving only empty sea and the sunset on the horizon far away. Feeling strangely soothing.

Goodbye island, we appointment one day will return. Nail is a pristine island, so visiting here should have heightened awareness in preserving the environment and landscape.