Euro, visit the wine regions of France

Bordeaux wine region is vast with an area of nearly 1,000 km2, one of the wine producing areas the most important quality in France.

Anabelle Cruse-BARDINET reminds me a feeling, that the women do all the house wine is usually powerful people, personality, very confident, and, of course, took winemaking as a reason for living.

Raise a glass of fine wine kind of “grand cru” Corbin castle which she had managed since 17 years now and with me, Anabelle said she wanted her children also followed her career and family.

“We also love to take care of the grapes, was interested in the case of grapes, to the family. We also liked winemakers say, “she smiled.

Visit castles and wine grapes

The road to the castle of Anabelle flooded an endless blue. Leaving the road running away from Libourne Bordeaux, a cool green of vineyards were out front, running to the horizon, running on low hills, with pointed spiers of the castle and cathedral-style stock rising in sunny, blue sky day of Summer, the green of the trees ran straight into the farm, the green of life and hope.


On the small road are signs everywhere stating the name of the castle, which is the wine that many of them from the past centuries has produced the wines of Saint-known cause Emilion travel around the world.

I went through the vast vineyards in Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, almost every year to drive through the windswept hills of Tuscany’s Chianti Classico region in Central Italy, had arrived at the vineyards Asti, but not a place to evoke a sense of peace and quiet to the world, as both a fragrant smell of the grass, the trees, in a solitary space and extremely quiet.

Anabelle pick me up from the door of her castle, a large manor and quaint, with a high tower from the 17th century and is still in a house built in 1628 intact, d’Artagnan in that guy in the state theory of the “Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas embarked on his adventure.

Dumas also describe the wine in its pages, and even without mentioning the name of Saint-Emilion, but do not forget to mention drunk ferment of life was wonderful. It makes people drunk. Not drunk, but drunk life.

Small castle was purchased in 1924 and 1999 by the famous winemaking family gave Anabelle Cruse, a member of his family, only 1 out of 800 large and small castle of Saint-Emilion wine region (the entire Bordeaux wine region there are more than 8,000 castles).

But here there are no princesses, princes, knights in fairy tales such as still or read concerning the word “castle”, which surround the vineyards only green eyes, with results now are small and have to wait another three months until the harvest, the grapes incubated at large and the vast wine cellar with oak barrels of the man is carrying the water is very much seduced tongue, throat , stomachs and hearts of many wine enthusiasts for centuries.

Drink to enjoy life and culture

Maze to drink way to enjoy life, to understand human culture, that is, needs a cultural background and knowledge to live, not to down a glass maze loudly and massively towards devastating own health homelike.

Difference from a vineyard with Merlot grape is dominant, fascinated by the annual harvest of grapes into service, love the wonderful climate, not too hot, not too cold, the sea and the rivers of the land is ordained this blessed soles, crush the knowledge that was passed down Anabelle when she talks about the difference was made up of fine wine of her castle with other places, so many hills and sandy soil here is not the same as those from nearby vineyards (the biggest difference created the character of wine hills, climate, winemakers skills and traditions of winemaking families). Years-old vines so live each day in the care of a diligent vine-makers and then one day the dark red berries in season.

The old story has it that the old days, the virgin will be those who go barefoot and treading on grapes during the harvest season in September ceremony in this place as well as elsewhere in France. Now, without the flesh of girls like that anymore, which need strong personalities of people like Anabelle.

Not surprisingly, the number of women in the Bordeaux wine growing. They have the energy and the gentle, subtle in their lives and work. They cool as cool cellar opened, they smell faintly scented oak in fruity blends are incubated in their bins and powerful as alcohol is labeled “grand cru classe” which she has invited me to drink , after visiting the vineyards, cellars and castles.

Saint-Emilion is no longer a secret for wine lovers and wine appreciation. Old village was famous for wine “grand cru” and surrounding land that stretches have been included in the UNESCO Heritage List.

But how to make good wine, while not always noticed an ever-changing factors and can not anticipate the weather, it’s still a secret of the castle (the study showed, warming of the Earth led to an earlier vintage, but the wine will taste better).

5,000 hectares of grapes in this small village of 5,000 ha of passion, labor and sacrifice even more. Sacrifice as the way the rose bed, which for the beauty of life, always ahead of the vineyards are planted. Not for beauty, but for very sensitive to deep fungal disease, roses are grown as a garden guarded. Winemakers just look commission is aware of their vineyards okay.

Not only for drinking alcohol

Wine is not just a thing to drink, that is the culture of the people and the land, the love and the reason for living, is the naturally blend of elements between heaven and earth, with those who have created and to appreciate things that’s wonderful water life. I clicked a glass of wine and think about life. Not drinking alcohol to drunk, to drink a bluff and damaged the health itself, that wine is to enjoy along with the appropriate food comes, to have fun with the people I choose to be with us.

A little of it is to say men have more enzyme for life, help us to live better, even longer and thereby know how to enjoy “gioie de vivre” (joy of life) better. I once more turn the page of the Bordeaux wine map. Well, there are many more, Pomerol, Médoc, Cognac, the famous wine regions of Aquitaine region, the restaurant also know how big the small castle is situated on a lovely infinity land that alcohol, after all, just a lovely part of life here.


I clicked another glass with a castle in the apartment landlady gallery’s extensive wine family, with windows overlooking a green vineyard. Suddenly, I closed my eyes for a moment and asked himself: “As for you, you love life in any way?”

Where alcohol is lord

Many of us think that only the name of one of Bordeaux wines. But in fact, there is a large wine region with an area of nearly 1.000km2 to become, along with Burgundy wine region producing the most important quality in France.

Go on the streets of this country can see what the wine is in their lives. Alcohol in general in France not only bring tens of billions of euros profit from domestic consumption and export to the world market, where French wine is considered to be a superior product, from visiting the wine regions stimulate tourism while every year 10 million tourists visit wine regions, but also the culture, the lifestyle.

Bordeaux wine region in particular has identified 57 different wine (wine production areas based on soil conditions and microclimate effects make different wines), from which it’s divided into levels rated different prices, such as “premier grand cru classé”).

Most of the wines red, white and sparkling wine of Bordeaux wine regions are labeled certificate (AOC, appellation d’origine controlle) to bottle, asserts that products are manufactured according to the regulations are closely related to the grape variety, soil and other tight regulations.

Bordeaux also increase the promotional activities of his wine. A theme park in the world’s first wine was opened early May 6. Called “Cite du vin” (wine cities) and designed as a giant calabash coong, there is a world Bordeaux wines actually, not only the traditional introduction Aquitaine regional wine from nearly 1 trillion this year, but also a huge supermarket wine worth visiting and shopping.

In addition, the Bordeaux Wine Festival, on the banks of the Garonne River, will start from today and lasts until 26/6, is an important occasion for Bordeaux wine lovers come here to learn and wine tasting, buy alcohol, as well as opportunities to more than 1,000 winemakers and wine business and the world met French. It is estimated that nearly 1 million visitors attended the event.

This year, the special guest of the festival is Hong Kong (China), Quebec (Canada) and Brussels (Belgium) and the festival is not only to focus on alcohol, but also gastronomy, art and culture.